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The essential step for any client around the globe. Our development team have long experience to translate customer analysis into a developed product. To make sure you get the most modern products we continuously educate our partner factories in new innovation and production techniques. We offer various kinds of inventive services to complete creation processes. Share about your ideas, we are here to update you with the latest yarns, washes or knittings; adding a new dimension to your development.​




Once a production order is taking form, we always offer a complete cost calculation. This will be based on the current market situation and price versus volumes, as well as consider your delivery requirements, quality demands and other compliances. We take it all into the account, presenting you the optimized choice. Amanoor Textile simply do the scanning, negotiation and high-level segmentation for you, advising you to make the best decision.

For ongoing productions, we know the importance of staying informed. As such we have implemented a special online Tracking System for TNA (time and action plan) where we stay up to date in real-time, providing status, ensuring smooth execution and timely delivery, minimizing the risk for costly miscalculations.


Production is a process by which resources are allocated according to a schedule, and we ensure that this schedule is followed. The sourcing industry is constantly changing. It is complex and requires frequent and passionate work to keep up to date, our teams reliably look after production process for our client and partner by giving them in-line and offline inspections reports.